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Puppy Parties Are Designed To help Raise A Confident And Obedient Dog

Getting a new puppy is exciting; they’re playful, affectionate and if raised correctly, will grow into a loyal companion. However, it’s extremely important your pet receives the right training in their early years to ensure they develop into a confident and obedient pet.

At Elm House Veterinary Centre we hold weekly puppy socialisation classes, or ‘puppy parties’ as they’re more commonly known. These classes are a great opportunity for your new companion to mix with other puppies in a safe and controlled environment, while learning some basic commands and behavioural skills.

Our puppy parties are held by professional veterinary nurses and are designed to provide you with lots of great tips, tricks and advice regarding your pet’s health. During these sessions you will be informed of some of the common problems you may encounter raising an energetic pet and have all of your questions answered by a friendly expert.

When your puppy has started their vaccinations you will be invited to sign up for the classes.

Please note: Our puppy parties can be very popular. To avoid disappointment you should book yourself and your companion on to a class as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer puppy parties at this moment in time. 

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