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veterinarian checking for a dogs microchip
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It Is A Legal Requirement To Have Your Dog Microchipped

Losing a pet can be devastating, and with the popularity of certain animal breeds rising, unfortunately more and more cases of stolen companions are being reported too. However, in these upsetting circumstances, microchips can provide a certain degree of peace of mind.

A microchip is a specialist device – about the size of a grain of rice – that is inserted beneath the skin between your pet’s shoulder blades. This is a quick, cheap and relatively painless procedure that only has to be done once in your pet’s life.

All your contact information is placed on a national computerised database. This information will be input into a national computerised database (which can be accessed 24/7) under a unique code; the same unique code that is revealed when your pet’s chip is scanned with a special scanner. Remember to keep your information up to date.

As well as ensuring your contact details are with your pet at all times, it will also be a legal requirement for all dogs to be chipped by April 2016. For that reason you are strongly recommended to have your pet chipped sooner rather than later to avoid incurring a fine of up to £500.

A number of animal organisations hold the specialist scanners required to read microchips. These include dog wardens, all veterinary practices and the RSCPA. You can therefore rest assured should your pet ever go missing, your contact details are with them at all times.

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