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guinea pig having a teeth checkup
vet checking a labradors teeth

2 Out Of 3 Pets Develop Some From Of Dental Problem In Their Lifetime

Did you know your pet’s teeth are very similar to yours? For example, their baby teeth will fall out, they’re at risk of tooth and gum disease, and they should see a dentist once a year.

Luckily, at Elm House Veterinary Centre our vets are able to act as your pet’s dentist, as well as their doctor.

As well as being good at hiding pain, animals can’t tell you when they are having problems. Additionally, the first signs of tooth and gum disease don’t always have obvious symptoms. For that reason, you’re recommended to have your pet’s mouth examined by a professional once a year to ensure their teeth and gums are in good shape.

At Elm House Veterinary Centre our nurses hold free dental health clinics. During these consultations your pet will have their teeth and gums examined thoroughly for any signs of potential problems. Should your companion then require treatment, we have all the necessary equipment to de-scale, polish and remove teeth.

These Are The Steps You Can Take To Keep Your Pets Mouth Free Of Nasty Infections

If You See Them Demonstrating Any Of The Symptoms Listed, Please Contact Us To Book An Appointment For Your Pet