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Each member of staff at our practice attends monthly meetings about various areas of veterinary health, as well as vet shows, courses and training. So rest assured, your pet couldn’t be in better hands.
guinea pig getting examined by the vet
It is extremely important your pet is receiving a thorough health check once a year to ensure they’re healthy and happy.
dog having a heath check up

A vaccination is an injection given to your pet to prevent them from developing some nasty infectious diseases.

cat neutering

Neutering is a routine operation to remove an animal’s sexual organs, making it impossible for them to breed.

puppy getting trained at the vets

These classes are a great opportunity for your new companion to mix with other puppies, while learning some basic commands.

Dog getting weighed on the scales

if your pet is consuming the wrong diet for their breed and size, they could go on to gain weight.

vet checking a labradors teeth

Your pet’s teeth are very similar to yours, they’re at risk of tooth and gum disease, and they should see a dentist once a year.

man with his dog

There may be a number of reasons why you can’t get your pet to our practice for an annual health check, no matter what your reasons we can help.

Nurse woman and dog in the garden

At Elm House we hold a number of clinics designed to help you raise a healthy and happy pet.

veterinarian checking for a dogs microchip

Losing a pet can be devastating however, in these upsetting circumstances, microchips can provide a certain degree of peace of mind.

vet treating dog for fleas

Fleas and worms are the two most common parasites that affect household animals.