Neutering has a number of health benefits, as well as preventing your pet from breeding

Vet performing neutering surgery.

Neutering is a routine operation to remove an animal’s sexual organs, making it impossible for them to breed. While this is a great benefit if you don’t intend to breed from your pet, neutering will also prevent certain health problems and unwanted behaviour.

The benefits of having a female animal neutered include:

  • Prevention of unwanted pregnancies
  • Prevention of uterine and ovarian cancer
  • No longer coming into season, preventing bleeding, unwanted attention and mating behaviour from males
  • Prevention of uterine infections (pyometra) in older age

The benefits of having a male animal neutered include:

  • Prevention/reduction of aggressive hormonal behaviour
  • Prevention of urine marking and roaming
  • Prevention of prostatic problems
  • Prevention of prostate disease including cancer

While baby animals are exciting, it’s important to evaluate all of the facts when considering breeding from your pet. Not only are litters expensive, but puppies and kittens require as much around-the-clock feeding, attention and care as baby humans.

Blood sampling process.

If you choose to have your pet neutered at Elm House Veterinary Centre, you can rest assured they’re in great hands. Our veterinary surgeons conduct this surgery regularly and have a wealth of experience performing the procedure.

Additionally, your companion can look forward to receiving plenty of TLC from our nurses during their recovery, and in the majority of cases, will be back at home with you the same day as their operation.

Please note: It’s not just cats and dogs that benefit from being neutered, but other small animals such as rabbits, ferrets and guinea pigs too.

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