Weight gain affects your pet in exactly the same ways it does you


When it comes to feeding your pet you’re probably guilty of treating them to the leftovers from your dinner. Don’t worry; the majority of us are. However, it’s important to monitor your pet’s calorie intake to ensure they’re not at risk of becoming overweight.

Animals tend to eat what they have until it is gone, and if your pet is consuming the wrong diet for their breed and size, they could go on to gain weight. Should your pet then become obese, they will eventually tire easily, begin to struggle with mobility and in extreme cases, could even develop a condition such as diabetes, heart disease or cancer.

“Today, there are hundreds of commercial diets for pets, so it’s easy to pick up a bag in the supermarket. However, if your pet is consuming more energy than they’re burning, they’re at risk of putting on weight.”

Sharon Heard
Head Veterinary Nurse

Ensuring your pet exercises regularly is the best way to make sure they stay in shape. Long walks and playing with your dog and encouraging your cat to exercise are great ways to prevent weight gain and keep their joints healthy. Also, the more time you spend with your pet, the stronger your bond will become.

 If you are ever concerned about your pet’s weight or diet, our team of experienced vets and nurses at Elm House are here to help. As well as creating your companion a personalised diet plan, you will also be invited to bring them along to one of our free weight clinics where their progress will be monitored.


In the meantime, you can monitor your pet’s weight in between visits to us by answering these 3 questions:

1) Can you see the outline of your pet’s ribs?
2) Can you see and feel your pet’s waist?
3) When you look at your pet from the side, is their stomach tucked up out of sight?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, your pet may be overweight and you’re recommended to get in touch with us for further advice.

Please note: It’s not just your pet’s diet that can contribute to weight gain. Their age, breed, sex and neuter status could all be playing a part in becoming overweight.

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