*Changes to prescription flea and wormers- Apologies for the inconvenience*

Here at Elm House, we’re changing the way we’re prescribing our prescription-only flea and worm treatments in to adhere/comply with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeon’s guidelines.

What this means for you is, in order for you to collect prescription-only flea and worm products, your pet will need to be physically examined by a vet every 12 months as well as you potentially being asked to wait 24 hours before you can collect your flea and worm products (this should only be a one-off during our transition period and is dependent on what is stated on your pet’s record by the vet).

Once your pet has seen a vet and/or your pet’s flea and worm protocol is clearly stated on their record by a vet, you should be able to purchase flea and wormers with shorter notice as before.

These changes will also mean that, if your pet only ever visits the nurse (and doesn’t ever see a vet) you will no longer be able to have prescription flea and worm products; you will be given a non-prescription product instead unless you chose to book in with a vet for a consult and check-up.

We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause but we are trying to ensure that we’re following appropriate legal guidelines.

Thank you for your compliance

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