Babesiosis is a protozoon disease which causes fever, anaemia, blood in the urine and jaundice.Riphicephalus_Male[1]

It has recently been found in Essex. It is spread by ticks and at the moment is found only in a specific area of Harlow.

The disease is seen in Europe but these cases are in dogs that have never travelled abroad. The experts say that now it has a foothold in the country it will be very difficult to eliminate.

Successful treatment is possible especially if it is caught early. So if your dog shows any of the signs especially if you have seen ticks attached to the skin then consult a vet as soon as possible.

There is no specific prevention for the disease available in the UK.

Tick control is the way the disease can be prevented by either repelling them or killing them quickly. Babesiosis is only transferred to the dog 24-48 hours after the tick has attached.

There are collars, spot on products and tablets available which give effective tick control. The product that is best for your dog depends on many factors including your dog’s lifestyle and current parasite treatment.

So make an appointment now with a nurse or vet to discuss what is best for dog.

No treatment is 100% effective so you may find ticks on your dog particularly behind the ears and under the legs where the coat is thinner.

While stocks last we are giving away free tick removers with certain products.

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